When using Scoop to manage apps on your system, you might get “ERROR Hash check failed”. Luckily the CLI output provides us with a simple solution. At the bottom of the output, there’s a link to create an issue in the ScoopInstaller repository. It fills in the correct title for you but be sure to read the last part of the console output and paste the output in the issue description.

❯ scoop update neovim-nightly
neovim-nightly: 0.10.0-dev-319-g5825d2f6c -> 0.10.0-dev-731-g14d047ad2
Updating one outdated app:
Updating 'neovim-nightly' (0.10.0-dev-319-g5825d2f6c -> 0.10.0-dev-731-g14d047ad2)
Downloading new version
nvim-win64.zip (15.8 MB) [==========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================] 100%
Checking hash of nvim-win64.zip ... ERROR Hash check failed!
App:         versions/neovim-nightly
URL:         https://github.com/neovim/neovim/releases/download/nightly/nvim-win64.zip
First bytes: 50 4B 03 04 14 00 00 00
Expected:    073b4234096abcfb6545d3b9e49626ed7514dd9378f0a67fd515162cb16bf47b
Actual:      502e438149f4aeeb4e4fda906af148ab07ad5853693eb47d5839a9072e68d993

Please try again or create a new issue by using the following link and paste your console output:

Once the issue is created, the github-actions bot should respond with a comment within a few minutes and resolve the problem by publishing a new manifest with the new hash. Here’s the issue I created for the hash check failed of neovim-nightly.

Still getting the same error?

After running scoop update neovim-nightly I still got the same error. It expected 073b423409... while the published manifest showed 502e438149.... Browsing the issues in the GitHub repository I found this comment with the advice to readd versions.

To remove versions:

scoop bucket rm versions

To add versions:

scoop bucket add versions

Voila, now I was able to run scoop update neovim-nightly and it installed the latest version.

Where to find manifest hashes?

You can look for the bucket manifest in the buckets folder. Another way is to search for any app on scoop.sh (e.g. neovim-nightly) and click the version in the top right corner. will take you to the manifest file in the repository.